We located Craig and the Predator via recommendation through a local Grimsby fishing tackle shop. We could not have made a better call that day! Craig, his boat and his crew are by far the best team I and my group have ever had the pleasure of fishing with. They cater for the expert and the novice. Some of our group had never held a fishing rod before, however after the expert attention and tuition given by the Predator team they are now regular sea fishing men.

The boat has it all; tea, coffee and soup (Craig commented that to date he has bought over 2,000 polystyrene cups, meaning he has made over 2,000 cups of tea, coffee and soup for day trippers!) The boat has all the latest equipment. The most important part we thought was the personal care and attention from the skipper. Craig made the most of our first trip and has now become a friend and not just a service provider. Only too often will a skipper say the fish are there, catch them!

Craig will do all he can to make the day amazing and chases fish from mark to mark. If you want fun, excitement and FISH the Predator and the team are the boat you need to book. We now book every month and have fished for Tope and Cod and many other species.

Spencer Coffin

The Predator boat is the fastest charter boat I have ever been on. Not only did we get to the fishing grounds in no time at all, but the fun onboard just getting there was worth the trip. We had a great day and filled many crates with Cod and Whiting. The skipper literally seemed to chase the fish from one location to another. If it went quiet in one spot we moved on in a speedy manner giving us as much fishing time as possible. Many thanks to Craig and the team!

Royce Flower and the Builders
Tea and coffee on tap and fish to match. What more could a sport fisherman want. Great job Craig keep up the good work and look forward to the new boat Ultimate Predator.

Mr K Banks
The Predator is an amazing boat skippered by a very professional team. Rods and bait were supplied where needed at no extra cost, this meant we could just turn up with our lunch and fish all day. The skipper knew where the fish were feeding and even joined in on the sport. We understand that Craig has been a boat fisherman for many years in this area and has fished here for the best part of his youth. If you want to catch fish and have a great day... book a trip now and see what you get. P.S The website looks great... Would be cool to be able to book online!

Alex, Paul, Dave, Matt, Steve, Hank, Daz, Chris, Terry
If you book just one trip, book it with this boat. We had never seen so many fish and had so much fun in one day. Sadly we had our first trip cancelled due to the weather, we were called the night before and informed that the trip could not proceed due to the high changing winds. As we had never been before we did say we were fine with bad weather, but were advised by Craig it would not be any fun and he did not want to waste our money or risk our lives in such bad weather. Good call Craig. The next weekend was GREAT, our kids now cannot wait for the warmer weather to go again. This time more of the dads will come I am sure!

S T Morrison
What a boat wow never knew a fishing boat could go so fast. We got wrecking in no time at all and caught many specimen fish. Had a great Tope run but lost it. Pro boat and Pro skipper. Will be booking another trip soon

No name left (Please leave us your name)
Found out I am not meant to fish. I was ill but the rest of the guys had a great time. Mostly laughing at me. Had some good fish, but the weather was a pain in the arse. All gear was provided and even hooks baited when needed. Thanks for a great day I am sure the others will want to come again, but sea fishing is not for me.

Dave Wright and 6 mates
Thank you for a fine day's fishing, Predator, we had a great day and will pass your details on to anyone that needs a fishing trip. Tea and coffee and friendly faces willing to help and advise. Could not have asked for more from a fishing trip or wanted more.


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